The first two concepts that a person approaches the Financial Markets must know are TRADING AND CONSISTENT TRADER. These are two concepts that any person who wants to invest in the Stock Exchange Market,  aspires to achieve and wish.

Trading is the activity of BUY a value at a certain Price Level, to later SELL at a Higher Price Level. Or the activity of SELL a value at a certain Price Level, to later BUY at a Lower Price Level.

Consistency is the state in which a Trader achieves that the balance of his account is always positive and ascending in time.

The development of any profession requires learning. And becoming a professional requires a long path. Becoming a Consistent Trader is not something that is achieved in a couple of months, it requires perseverance and study. The first step you have already given, now awaits you an exciting path that we will travel with you until you reach the Consistency.


This website is aimed at those who want to enter the exciting world of Trading and they do not know where to train or where to go. And who wish to make Trading their profession. There are many people in the world who choose this exciting profession as a way of life.

However, few are the ones who achieve it. The development of the computer technology has allowed access to the Market of many professionals who previously could only access through Brokers or specialized companies, allowing today access to the markets in an “On Line” way. This has also allowed the access to many people who have entered in the Market without adequate training that inexorably they lose their money.

We know what it the costs to train as Professional Trader, not only economically, since it requires great personal effort, dedication and a lot of sacrifice. Therefore, we have created this Free Professional Trading Master specially designed for your training. This Master is composed of twenty (20) Professional Trading Courses aimed at New Traders.


The elements that all Trader needs to control are the following:

  • Professional Training,
  • Study the Market,
  • Select those Stocks ​​that are easier to Operate,
  • Appropriate Work Environment,
  • Trading System,
  • Rules of Entry and Exit of the Market,
  • Trading Style,
  • Emotions Control through the study of Psychotrading,
  • Trading Plan,
  • Broker and Trading Platform,
  • Practice in a Demo Account for a period of not less than 1 year,
  • Keep a Daily Operations Report,
  • Error Analysis and Error Control System,
  • Risk Management System,
  • Reach the Consistency,
  • Process of Transition to Real Operative.

If you want to achieve the Consistency you must master all the previous elements. If you do not master them you will never reach Consistency and you will inexorably lose your money.


This is the typical question that my students have asked me most throughout my years of profession as Trainer of Professional Traders. The New Traders or as many people call them, the Rookie Traders, presuppose that there is a magic and secret formula that nobody explain and only a few selected group enjoy it, obtaining great benefits.

All of them think and expect us to teach them a magic combination of indicators that convert them from night to day in Consistent Traders. Nothing could be further from reality.

To explain how Consistency is acquired, I always use the same example. Suppose you have decided to be Cardiovascular Surgeon and you have chosen that profession because it is your illusion and you can not imagine yourself developing another profession in your life. Well, the first thing you have to do is train yourself to become a professional. Would you put your life in the hands of a Cardiovascular Surgeon without experience or enough training? Evidently you would not.


Being a professional in any activity in the life requires a long and hard training process. The fact that you have money to buy a piano does not mean that you can play it from the first day. It requires a training process and a lot of practice.

The same goes for Trading. If you wish to be a Professional Trader. This means that you are thinking of living your profession as Trader and you must train properly and professionally.

For a Professional Trader to reach Consistency it is necessary that you be trained both technically and psychologically. Hence the difficulty of many New Traders in reaching Consistency.

Most of them forget the First Golden Rule of Trading: “Trading is 90% Psychological Control and 10% Technical Knowledge. Which does not mean that as Technical knowledge is worth only 10%, with which I read two or three books, I have already solved it.

Unfortunately, it is not like that. Any Consistent Trader has come a long way to achieve Consistency, and has traveled that path with PATIENCE AND PERSPECTIVE.

But not only these two virtues of a Trader make him Consistent. Needs two other no less important virtues that are EMOTIONAL CONTROL and RISK CONTROL.

A Consistent Trader never forgets the Second Golden Rule of Trading:The Rules of Entry and Exit of the Market are to FULFILL THEM ALWAYS

During the development of the Master Courses we will teach you how to achieve Consistency. We do not promise you magic formulas, or that you will become a millionaire. We can only promise you an adequate and high quality training that will allow you to reach Consistency if you comply with the Rules.

Always remember during your professional life that a Consistent Trader is not born Consistent, it becomes Consistent.