My name is Jesús Martín Portillo, and I want to tell you about my experience as Professional Trader. I am a Civil Engineer,  Systems Engineer, MBA and Professional Trader.

I am passionate about the Trading world and train new Traders. My goal is that people who come to the Financial Markets for the first time, acquire an adequate Technical and Psychological base to achieve Consistency and that they can invest with the lowest possible level of risk.

Trainer of New Traders

Based on my experience as Professional Trader, I have prepared together with a multidisciplinary team of professionals, a set of courses, through which you will acquire an adequate training to become a Consistent Professional Trader.

The training program contains all the necessary elements to make Trading your profession:

  • Understanding of price movement,
  • Identification of high probability investment opportunities (Windows of Opportunity),
  • Position management,
  • Risk Control,
  • Development of Discipline,
  • Emotional Management,
  • Psychological Control,
  • Establishment of the Trading System,
  • and achieve Consistency.

If you have had problems with stock trading, indexes, currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, bonds, etc., in the past, or you do not have a clear idea of ​​where to start investing in the Financial Markets, then let me share with you some ideas, that I have learned in the last 10 years studying and operating in the Stock Exchange Markets.

Being a Trader or investor in the financial markets is perhaps one of the most difficult professions, since it requires the Knowledge of:

  • The markets,
  • The strategies of institutional investors,
  • Investment strategies,

And the skills that they offer you:

  • A unique and iron discipline,
  • Patience and perspective,
  • The absolute control of your emotions.

If you have decided to learn this profession, you are on the right way, but you must follow the advice and concepts that we have prepared for you in the Courses.

Many people usually choose to be Trader because it is a profession that offers:

  • Independence,
  • The opportunity to earn a lot of money, with a comfortable schedule, without having to answer to any superior,
  • That can be developed anywhere. It does not need expensive facilities and luxurious offices, it can be developed from your computer and at your home or anywhere you choose.

Conclusions and Objectives

Personally, it took me many years to study and establish a Consistent system to operate in the Financial Markets. I studied hundreds of books, I did different courses and I studied different styles of negotiation trying to find a Consistent System.

I came to the conclusion that there is no secret, no trick, nor is it about deciphering a hidden code to be successful in negotiating the Financial Markets. It is simply a matter of joining a set of pieces of a puzzle to see and understand the full picture.

My objective in these Courses of the Master of Professional Trading aimed at New Traders is that you learn a Trading System that allows you to easily join those pieces of the puzzle of Trading and that allows you to invest in a Consistent way in the Financial Markets.

I hope that the information that we have transmitted to you is of your interest. Do not hesitate to inform you about the rest of the courses on our website. I wait for you in the Courses of the Professional Trading Master. Until then we wish you a Happy Trading.