Here you can find all the Educational Material you need for the development of the Courses of the Master of Professional Trading. The Educational Material of each Master Course of Professional Trading that you can obtain here is the following:

  1. Books of the Courses. It includes all the Basic, Technical and Psychological Concepts that you need to acquire for the development and understanding of each Course.
  2. Evaluation Exercises. It is a set of exercises that we propose in each Course and that allow your self-evaluation.
  3. Complementary Contentents. In each course we have developed a Complementary Educational Material that we think may be of your interest.

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The concepts, themes, articles, books, videos, etc. provided on this website is considered educational material. All the information included in the web has only informative character and exclusively educational purposes. The user of this website is responsible for the use of the information contained therein.

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