Our Professional Trading Blog Aimed at New Traders and designed to explain the Basic Concepts that you must know to introduce yourself in this exciting profession. This Blog includes complementary information to the COURSES OF THE PROFESSIONAL TRADING MASTER AIMED AT NEW TRADERS that we have prepared for your training as a CONSISTENT PROFESSIONAL TRADER.

The main objective of this Professional Trading Blog Aimed at New Traders is not only your Training as Professional Traders, but also, they will help you to transform your knowledge, your attitudes and aptitudes in front of the Trading Process.


The fundamental objective of this Blog is:

  • Contribute to the Disclosure of Information,
  • Share Knowledge,
  • Exchange information related to the world of Professional Trading,
  • Receive your comments, collaborations and opinions,
  • Create a collaborative study of the topics covered in the Blog at all levels, because your opinion is very important to us.


To perform the selection of themes of the Professional Trading Blog aimed at New Traders, we have carried out the following process:

  • Identification of Knowledge Areas necessary for the development of the Trading Process:
    1. Market,
    2. Psicotrading,
    3. Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis,
    4. Rules of Entry and Exit of the Market,
    5. Risk & Money Management,
    6. Trading Plan
  • Inform through the publication of the Blog of the Areas of Knowledge and Enrich with Comments and Comments the Contents,
  • To value the Comments and Opinions received, in order to Extract Conclusions and Disseminate them through this Blog,
  • Transform the Learning Process, creating a Dynamic Blog that allows the topics addressed to be fully updated,
  • Valorization by the Student and Improvement of the Aptitudes and Knowledge that will allow him to improve his Learning Process and in definitively his Trading Process.

I hope that the information that we transmit to you in these Blog is of your interest. Do not hesitate to inform you of the COURSES OF THE PROFESSIONAL TRADING MASTER AIMED AT NEW TRADERS on our website. I wait for you in the Master Courses. Until then we wish you a Happy Trading.